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Bernardo Moreira De Sampaio Pimentel
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The House

The Casal de Loivos House is located on top of a hill overseeing the Douro river, 7 km from Pinhão, 15 km from Alijó and about 40 km from Vila Real and from Peso da Régua. It is a palatial residence from the 17th century, with 6 rooms, a big balcony and with a very unique view of the Douro river. Also, you can enjoy the panoramic pool (for guests’ exclusive use), a very welcoming living room with a fireplace, TV and various game tables. Wi-Fi is also available.

The House's History

This house was built in 1658 and it has been in the Pereira de Sampayo family since 1733.
With a privileged  location, this house is considered to have one of the most amazing views, not only in Alto Douro, but also in the whole country.
In 1989 the house was completely restored, preserving the original house’s architecture.